Yesterday Warner Bros. revealed the costume Gal Gadot will wear for her role in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The costume has her wearing boots. I don’t care for the inclusion of boots. Yes, she’s been drawn wearing heeled boots (including her first appearance)


but she’s also been…

Maybe they should just make her naked. That’ll fix everything!!11

It’s really nothing new that hollywood does something to appeal to a certain demographic more or whatever but it’s not like they are showing more boob than usual or anything like that. 

This is really nothing to complain about. Especially when it’s pointed out that she’s been wearing them since like forever and even when that changed overtime because of the media representation it really does nothing to the character itself?>???

If not, it makes her more badass because she can do all that shit on heels..?

Anonymous asked:

Did you know anyone in the plance crash? :(

I did not. At least, not directly luckily.

I visited the church ceremony for the vicitims since I live pretty close near it. Only for a short while though.

The church could fit around 600 people but it was so full, everyone was standing outside as well.