Anonymous asked:

How'd you get so good, at playing pokemon. Just needed tips.

Just play a looooot, you’ll learn the pokemon stats, abilities and the common sets. Then you can predict. Like every team with galvantula is gonna lead with it for sticky Web so carry something with taunt because they are sashed most of the time or carry a pokemon with defog etc etc

Anonymous asked:

R-rose, how do you take your XY Trainer Icon, and put it on the cpu? o:

Register your game on pokemon-gl. That’s also how you register for tournaments and stuff.
I just saved my icon from there and edited it.

Anonymous asked:

How do you get, so good playing Smash? o: Just wanted an Advice. :3

Just practice a lot. I tend to have a session where I 4 stock something like top row of characters and just practice certain techniques in training mode. But I’m not that great lol

If you wanna get gud you need other people to play with.